Biolitec Ceralas D 15 watt Laser

Specialty: Aesthetic, Surgical, Veterinary

Manufacturer: Biolitec
Procedure: Leg Veins, Soft Tissue Laser Surgery, Urology, Vascular Lesions 
Model: Ceralas D
Sub-Model: 980nm 15 watt
Handpieces: SMA Fiber
Power Requirements: 120v

Cynosure Smartlipo TriPlex Workstation

Specialty: Aesthetic, Surgical

Manufacturer: Cynosure
Wavelength: ND:Yag 1064 nm
Procedure: Cellulite Reduction, Laser Liposuction 
Model: SmartLipo TriPlex
Sub-Model: TriPlex
Handpieces: AutoSense Handpieces
Power Requirements: 120v

Laserscope (AMS) Stonelight Holmium Laser

Specialty: Surgical, Veterinary

Manufacturer: AMS/ Laserscope/ New Star
Wavelength: Holmium Yag
Procedure: Lithotripsy, Urology 
Model: Stonelight
Sub-Model: 15 watt
Power Requirements: 120v

Laserscope Aura I

The Laserscope Aura i is a time-tested system that treats a variety of conditions including pigemented lesions, acne, vascular lesions and leg veins.

Lumenis Powersuite 100 watt Holmium Laser

The Lumenis Powersuite 100 Watt Holmium laser has been time tested for effectiveness and saftey, and is used in medical offices around the world for a variety of treatments.  It's the most powerful homium laser available, making it suitable for high power applications such as the treatment of BPH, performing HoLEP or HoLAP procedures.

Although it's best known for treating urologic conditions such as BPH, stones, tumors or strictures, the VersaPulse Powersuite 100W is also cleared for a rangle of applications in other surgical fields including gastroenterology, pulmonology, orthopedics and others, making it a versatile and economic choice.  

Lumenis Powersuite 100 watt Holmium Laser


  • Podiatric: Nail excision, neuromas, wart removal
  • ENT: Polyp removal, tonsillectomy, treatment of laryngeal lesions
  • Gynecological: Treatment of endometriosis, submucous fibroids, adhesions, benign polyp removal
  • Thoracic: Treatment of airway obstructions
  • Orthopedic: Osteoarthritic lesions, chondroplasty, synovectomy
  • General/Gastronenterology: Appendectomies, hemorrhoidectomy, treatment and removal of polyps, treatment of both benign and malignant lesions


  • Standard of care for treating BPH (HoLAP & HoLEP) and stones (in all locations) - AUA and EAU support versus VersaPulse as first line treatment options
  • Precise and controlled cutting and ablation; penetrates just enough to ablate tissue without charring, deep thermal necrosis or collateral damage
  • Effective for minimally invasive procedures requiring soft tissue ablations
  • Cost effective: the multi-specialty, multi-application platform is extremely cost-effective and yields a high return on investment

Lumenis VersaPulse Select II 60 or 80 watt Holmium Laser

Specialty: Surgical, Veterinary

Manufacturer: Coherent Medical/ Lumenis
Wavelength: Holmium Yag
Procedure: LithotripsySoft Tissue Laser SurgeryUrology 
Model: VP Select II
Sub-Model: 80 watt
Power Requirements: 120v

Sharplan (Lumenis) 1055 55 watt Surgical CO2 Laser

Specialty: Surgical, Veterinary
Manufacturer: Lumenis/ Sharplan
Wavelength: CO2 10
Procedure: Soft Tissue Laser Surgery 
Model: Sharplan 1055s
Sub-Model: 1055s
Handpieces: Incisional Handpiece Set
Power Requirements: 120v
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