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Call Us: (317) 570-0448

Hoya ConBio MedLite IV Tattoo Removal Laser

hoya conbio medlite iv tattoo removal laser front view

Basic Information

Specialty: Aesthetic
Manufacturer: ConBioHoya
Wavelength: 532nmND:Yag 1064 nm
Procedure: Tattoo Removal
Model: MedLite
Sub-Model: IV
Handpieces: Has Adjustable Spot handpiece and both Red and Gold Dye handpieces
Power Requirements: 120v
Condition: Excellent
Includes: Laser, Adjustable handpiece, Red dye handpiece, Gold dye handpiece, Articulated arm, foot pedal, cord, key, manuals, eyewear
Manufactured Date: 10/1/1999
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This is an extremely dependable and effective laser with plenty of power in 1064nm and 532nm along with the Red and Gold dye handpieces. Allows treatment of most tattoo ink colors.