Manufacturer:  Candela

Model:  GentleLASE Pro

Specialty:  Aesthetic

Laser Type:  Alexandrite

Wavelength:  755 nm

From the Manufacturer:

GentleLase Pro-U, the aesthetic industry’s premier laser, is an ideal solution for hair removal, treating pigmented lesions and the treatment of vascular lesions, such as port wine stains. It’s fast and loaded with advanced features that continue to deliver extraordinary results that have earned the trust of practitioners worldwide. GentleLase Pro-U is now upgradable for superior performance and additional clinical indications. The platform expands as your aesthetic practice expands.

Choose from two cooling systems—Air Cooling Compatible (ACC), which offers high air flow at a specified temperature, or Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). Candela’s patented DCD provides consistent, low temperature, reproducible epidermal cooling – selectively spraying the upper layers with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable spray/delay durations, milliseconds before and after the laser pulse. The unique design of the ACC and DCD handpieces provide excellent visibility throughout the entire treatment. This choice of cooling options sets the GentleLase Pro-U apart from all other long-pulsed Alexandrite lasers.

System Includes:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Professional Packing / Crating


  • Hair removal – all skin types
  • Epidermal pigmented lesions; sun-damaged skin, age spots, freckles
  • Wrinkle reduction


  • Enhanced 2 Hz repetition rate
  • Multiple Spot Sizes – 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm

Available Handpieces/ Accessories:

  • 6-8-10 Fiber + Handpiece
  • 12-15-18 Fiber + Handpiece

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